Beaming Hoover

Beaming Hoover
Beaming Hoover is a hard rock band from Queens and Brooklyn that is unafraid to take a song where it needs to go. Never limiting itself to any one sound, including vocally, upon close listen you will hear the varying influences each band member contributes to the band's catalog of energetic and soulful songs. Greg Cerar’s blend of swing and rock style drums, James Hayes’ punk rock bass lines and Hetfield-style vocals, and Matt Clark’s Jimmy Page/David Gilmour-inspired guitar work and haunting vocals mesh together to create a mix of musical mastery that you will hear nowhere else. Beaming Hoover is uncompromising in its determination to produce songs that are both intelligent in theme and musically pleasing. The spectrum ranges from political to personal, and the bottom line comes down to the quality of each individual song. Just listen and you’ll hear it - Beaming Hoover will rock you into a frenzy, touch your soul, and may even make you question your own mind.

Beaming Hoover started as most bands start, with an idea shared by like-minded musicians. Matt, James and Greg all see music the same way. The idea of the band comes from a large community of people who are growing tired of the generic, mainstream radio rock. The idea of perfected pop-rock is getting old. Rock n' Roll has lost its soul. Beaming Hoover is about bringing back the old fundamentals of rock with the harshness and angst that made it great. It's what makes classic rock immortal and what today's music is lacking. Each member brings his own unique brand of creativity and imagination. Each song is its own genre and style. And all of them are enjoyable songs that are both catchy and multi-dimensional.

At the beginning of 2005 Beaming Hoover was still searching for its identity, creating new songs and searching for its voice. After trying out many vocalists they decided to stay a trio and never looked back. They began gigging in May of 2005 under various different names, but it was not until their first gig at the Continental on October 20th, 2005 when Beaming Hoover was truly introduced to the world. The band has continued performing as a trio that has gotten better, stronger and more focused on skillfully creating new music and promoting its sound. The best things about Beaming Hoover are its dedication to the music, to each other, and to providing fans with an energetic stage show. Everyone wants a Beaming Hoover!
Location: Astoria, NY
Founded: 2005
Number Members: 3
Will travel: 20 miles
Gigs how often: unspecified
Rates: Negotiable.
Genre(s): Alternative, Classic Rock, Metal, Rock
Venue(s): Clubs, Festivals / Street Fairs, Weddings, Corporate Events, Holiday parties, Private parties, Special Occasions  
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