36 Million Light years ago on the Dark Moon of Planet Tone in the Sub Solar System Toneulous a strange sound was emitted from a gastronomical anomaly in the planets thin crust.

Propelled by the super heated atmosphere of planet Tone, the sound waves rocketed past Tone’s outer ring. Leaving Tone’s magnetic pull, the wave began to change its oscillating shape and became more dense and lower in frequency causing this small disturbance to gain even more speed.

Now traveling well over the speed of light, 186,000 miles per/second, the wave began to pick up sub atomic particles that were fastly building onto this inter planetary traveler.

Years later, on the terrestrial planet Earth, operations at the mountain top planetary listening center in Arecibo are running normal. Operation commander Lieutenant Shred sits down to enjoy some coffee and the paper.

As he sips the hot coffee it burns his mouth and spills onto his paper. Shred looks down to the coffee soaked paper at the front page headline.

Thousands witness strange disturbance in upper atmosphere. Scientists say: “Most likely caused by a inter planetary sub sonic transmission that ripped through the upper atmosphere”

Moment’s later Shreds attention was caught by the vast panels of instruments in the lab going into warning mode.

Shred looks at the computer screen as the seismic graph explodes to the top of the screen. “Something is coming!” Shred yells. “Shhh…listen” as Shred puts his ear to the cold lab floor.

“Do you hear that?” Shred asks the other observers. “No we don’t hear anything.” Suddenly the ground begins to rumble and the observatory shutters with a loud low frequency groan and then all was quiet. No more alarms or shaking. It appears all is normal.

Except maybe for Lieutenant Shred.

It seems that since this encounter that he is somewhere else. Just an empty shell drifting between inter planetary dimensions.

When asked about his unique experience Shred just stares, empty at first, And with heart felt conviction exclaims-

“ I have heard .”

"This album is insane! Great lyrics, adrenaline pumping rhythms, and guitar riffs that will leave you dumbfounded. Seriously, these guys rock and this EP is highly recommended by the baymusicscene staff."

Rating: [5 of 5 Stars]

some reviews of our live show-

Group: EL84 Genre: Rock Venue: Slim's Date: 07/29/05
This band is great. Probably the best guitarist around and the singer is way up in the rafters. This is not a group of ok musicians...top notch performers all the way around. The show was totally packed and EL84 sounded exactly like their CD. A Must SEE
Submitted by: EL84 fanatic

Group: EL84 Genre: Rock Venue: Time Out Date: 09/02/05
I went to this show on the below recommendation. Glad I did. These guys do not dissapoint and sound just like their CD maybe even better. Their opening act Black Sun was excellent also and I will see them again as well.
Submitted by: new EL84 fan

Group: EL84 Genre: Progressive Venue: Chris Club, Vallejo Date: 11/13/05
Definitely one of the best live acts in the Bay Area! They mix classic progressive sound with a modern style. Ripping guitar solos, hard hitting drums, great vocals, and TONS of energy. If you haven't seen EL84, check them out.
Submitted by: John @ Baymusicscene.com

Group: EL84 Genre: Rock Venue: Slim's Date: 07/29/05
I went to Slim's this night to meet Solid State Logic when I had the surprising pleasure of seeing EL84 for the first time! I was blown away* Jimi Hendrix was cloned and I heard it for myself. They put on the best show. I will deifinitely be seeing more of
Submitted by: Fancyfeasts

Group: EL84 Genre: Rock Venue: web Date: 11/16/05
musicians like Ty (and the rest of his excellent group) need YOU and me to sit up and pay attention. Do that and you will be rewarded by some of the best guitar playing I have heard anywhere, stuff that puts a fire in your belly and a song in your heart -
Submitted by: Steve Gilmore

Group: EL84 Genre: Rock Venue: Quarternote Date: 12/30/05
saw these guys at the Quarternote in Sunnyvale last night... nearly tore the roof off the place.... sweet ass band El84's got there sh*t together
Submitted by: gregg

Group: EL84 Genre: Rock Venue: Quarter Note Date: 01/01/06
I am in love! I have never been so impressed with a band as I am with EL84. Ty Kaufman's guitar playing can only be compared to that of the great Jimi Hendrix! EL84 rocked my world at the Quarter Note on Dec 30th. Like Sara Lee, nobody doesn't like EL84
Submitted by: Straight Jacket Production (SF Booker/promoter)

EL84's song "Why" wins reviewers choice hottest track of 2004 - soundclick.com

EL84 wins best Male Vocals, Best Guitars, Most Rocking Track and Most Original song on garageband.com

EL84 signs endorsement deal with Viper Drums -

OK so there is way more than this..... but I think your ready to hire this premier rock group EL84 ;)
Location: Benicia, CA
Founded: 2003
Number Members: 4
Will travel: 1000 miles
Gigs how often: 3-5 month
Rates: negotiable depending on distance
Genre(s): Blues, Classic Rock, Metal, Rock
Venue(s): Clubs, Festivals / Street Fairs, Corporate Events, Private parties  
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