Mozart Jones and Silver Key

Mozart Jones and Silver Key
Mozart Jones and Silver Key

Meet Mozart Jones and Silver Key. Jones is the mind behind Mozart Production, a 21-year-old LA native who has since relocated to Columbia, Maryland. This DJ/producer (one of the youngest) runs his own radio internet station, works as stage crew and sound manager and owns a film production company. Jones also turns out the beats for some major labels and artists. Silver Key began back in the day with two members, J-Beats and Siddartha. Silver Key kicked things off producing music for local artists in the Baltimore area before a separation. The Key is back, digging into a variety of hip-hop styles, generating an original style tinged with gothic rock touches. The Key is touting its first album, “The First Pain”. J-Beats is producing music for Silver Key and is the lyricist and co-writer for the group. Siddartha is the vocalist, co-writer, guitarist and engineer for Silver Key. Following the release of “The First Pain,” touring will take over the eastern states! Prepare to meet rap and rock and roll in a powerful, unstoppable fusion. This band is ready to end the musical segregation. And if anybody can do it, Silver Key can.

The Mission

The mission, says Jones, is “to make good music with hot ass beats!” He goes on to say that “in this business, we have old school, hip-hop, R&B, pop, rock and more.” Mozart Production is bursting with talent and always seeking to add more to the roster. The stated goal is to climb to the top and stand as a true contender among the major labels. The group is already working with artists through Def Jam and Disney but is always willing to tackle talent from any origin. Jones has also worked with Aftermath Entertainment/Interscope Records. Jones has experience with J Records, BET, ESPN and more.

Appeal to All

“I try to make music that will have a universal appeal,” according to Mozart Jones. Sounds and styles are always flowing through Jones’ head and he shoots for musical diversity at all times. “it’s always been my desire to make music for the world.” Individuality is also cited by Silver Key as a major goal. “Silver Key wants to bring together the best of both worlds – rock and rap – and to do it in a way that no one has every done it.” It’s that end of segregation thing. Musical styles – in the hands of the right talented artists – can be welded together to make something new and interesting. That’s what Silver Key does. “Throughout the album you will hear solo songs by both artists so that they can maintain and keep their individuality; but they will also come together on songs to show their unity.” It is as if, says the Key, the artists were trying to end musical racism.

Top of the World

Jones and Silver Key believe that music should make the listener feel as though he or she is at the top of the world, and that’s the kind of reaction they are aiming for with their music. The hook and fiercely original ideas that move through these songs is what keeps the listener stoked and on cloud nine.

Be Warned

Be careful. Mozart Jones and Silver Key are ready to conquer. With the Key’s upcoming touring plans and Mozart Productions upcoming release of “My Gift and My Burden,” the takeover is imminent. Jones and the Key are working with A&R Select, the leading independent A&R firm in Hollywood, CA.

Location: Columbia, MD
Founded: 2006
Number Members: 3
Will travel: 10000 miles
Gigs how often: 3 gigs every three months
Rates: 10
Genre(s): Hip Hop / Rap, Pop, Rock, Soul / R&B
Venue(s): Clubs, Festivals / Street Fairs, Corporate Events, Holiday parties, Private parties  
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