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chemistry |keməstrē| (abbr.: chem.)
noun ( pl.- tries)
1.An emotional or psychological interaction between two or more people, esp. when experienced as a powerful mutual attraction: their affair was triggered by intense musical chemistry.

Musical Chemistry may be hard to specify, but The Mixers certainly have it. Perhaps their unique chemistry can be defined as a group of excellent musicians that prove the old axiom “The whole is greater than the sum of its parts.” There are many reasons why this occurs. Among them is the notion their chemistry is a byproduct of their near magical harmonies or their dance inciting beat. One thing is for sure. The Mixers have more than chemistry. This group's sound draws fans to the band as the band is drawn to each other. The Mixers deliver a special on-stage chemistry that is so infectious, the crowd can't help having a good time.

The Mixers are five talented entertainers who bring a high energy show of danceable classic rock, blues and R&B to your event or nightclub. We can provide a complete sound system (or use yours), stage lighting and a stage presence that enchants audiences.

The Mixers feature three multi-instrumentalists who share lead vocal duties, so the sound is varied, never boring and features vocal harmonies that are beautiful and thrilling. The drum and bass rhythm section always lays down a dance groove. The instrumentation includes guitars (electric & acoustic), keyboards, sax, harmonica, flute, bass, drums and a bunch of percussion instruments.

The Mixers are a professional act that show up on time, know their audience and are always aware of the acoustics of the house. With a song book of over two-hundred and fifty songs, there is something for everyone.

We would like to send you a promotion package that includes a demo CD that was recorded live in The Mixers' rehearsal studio. There was no use of click tracks for editing or use of "auto-tune" on vocals. Just an honest live performance by The Mixers with minimal overdubs. It truly represents what a Mixers show sounds like.
Location: Pacifica, CA
Founded: 1995
Number Members: 5
Will travel: 1500 miles
Gigs how often: unspecified
Rates: Our rates vary depending on the gig. We are very competitive and want to perform for your club or event. Call us (650) 359-7845 and let's discuss. We'll put together rates that fits your budget and our fees.
Genre(s): Acoustic, Blues, Classic Rock, Dance, Folk, Oldies, Rock, Ska
Venue(s): Clubs, Festivals / Street Fairs, Weddings, Corporate Events, Holiday parties, Private parties, Special Occasions  
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