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Country Rock Association
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Describe the band

Country Rock Association is a hard rocking band that plays today's country hits. The whole focus is on having fun, it's ALL about the party. No twang or tear-jerky stuff here, just fun, goodtime rockin music. Oh yeah, no country dancing required.

Does the band's name have any significance?

We often call it "CRA". It's actually a membership organization for all things related to country rock music. The band just happens to use the same name as the organization. Anyone can sign up through the band website or Facebook. There are an amazing amount of country fans that love rock as well, it's just blending the best of both worlds.

How long has the band been together?

We first started getting together in fall 2007, but didn't come on "the scene"
strong until early 2009.

Who founded the band, who is the leader?

George, the drummer, ran the add with the concept and the rest was history.
It's an incorporation and self managed. Everyone has different responsibilities.

How did you come up with the concept for the band?

We couldn't find any other type of musical act like this around our local area.
There was months of research put into it and we follow a pretty strict musical formula.

Describe the music you play.

It's a mixture of mostly top 10 modern country with a fine blend of big party rock favorites. These country songs are really rock songs at heart. Listen to KMPS or The Wolf and you'll hear the songs we play all day long. Artists like Jason Aldean, Rascal Flatts, Big and Rich, Keith Urban, Blake Shelton and Kenny Chesney is what we do. We go out of our way to to make sure every bell and whistle is in every song, just like what you hear on the radio.

What drew you towards the music you play?

The songs really tell a story, plus the music just rocks! It's GREAT for
dancing, too! Modern country is more popular than ever before thanks to the pop-rock
fusion into it now.

Describe your first performances.

CRA played a couple fairs and venues in 2008. We regrouped a little, wanting to deliver a bigger sound, you know, do these artists real justice. In 2009, we came on strong after our debut at 7 Cedars Casino in Sequim. Then it took off from there. In 2010 we played 45 shows at a bunch of major casinos, fairs and private/corporate functions throughout the Pacific Northwest. So we feel blessed and happy with the results.

What kind of response do you get from your audiences?

Fist off we would like to throw a big shout out to all our fans, thank you all and you ROCK!
They LOVE these songs. It doesn't seem to matter where we play, from a classy winery to a back woods fair some place, they love it all. We get a big kick out of the crowd when they are shouting out all the words, that's fun.

How many vocalists do you have?

Vegas takes the lead for sure, but everyone sings at some point, depending how busy they are in the song.

Where did you all grow up?

Washington, Southern California, Las Vegas, New York City and Siberia.

Do you use any props or special effects at your performances?

Sure, we want to do the music justice, no detail too small type thing. We've
given out promo items and t-shirts here and there. It keeps things fun and people excited.