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The Echo Boomers
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Describe the band
Not Fade Away started as a Buddy Holly Tribute band. We still do that but we have expanded to offer other 50's, early 60's and classic rock

Does the band's name have any significance?
Not Fade Away is the title of one of our favorite Buddy songs.

How long has the band been together?
2 and a half years.

How did you come up with the concept for the band?
We met performing in the theatrical play "Buddy: The Buddy Holly Story". In the show all the music is played live by the actors and we were playing Buddy and the Crickets. We had such a great time playing that music together that we decided to keep the party goin'!

Describe your first performances.
We played large theatres on a southwest tour. By the final concert the audience was incredible. No matter how many shows we played it never got old. We also began playing smaller acoustic shows and expanding our repetoire.

What kind of response do you get from your audiences?
Very enthusiastic. Cheering, lots of dancing, singing a long. People love that music and have a great time at our shows. Even at acoustic shows we get similar response because, whether it's 50's music or other classics, full band or acoustic, we play songs people know and love...and we do it well.

How many vocalists do you have?
Four. Each band member sings lead and back-up.

Where did you grow up?
We have band members from the east coast and California.

How early did you start singing / playing?
We've all been playing since we were teenagers

Do you have any musical training?
We are all trained musicians each with years of experience.

What mixture of originals / covers do you perform?
50's on up

What is your favorite venue?
The House of Blues in Hollywood

Where is the farthest you have traveled for a gig?
We have played all over California and willing to travel.

Have you done any radio or TV performances?
We performed for radio and TV promotions while doing the critically acclaimed San Francisco production of "Buddy" in the summer of 2004.

Do you use any props or special effects at your performances?
Well, if showmanship is a special effect...and we do use the upright bass as a standing on it, flipping it around, etc., while playing it.

Do you use any vintage instruments?
A vintage Rogers drum set and a couple of gourgeous Strats and Teles!