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Describe the band
Hiya all! *waves* First off, my name is Steve Ashe, bassist for Prophets of Loss and I will be the mouth-piece for the interview. Moving along...
Wow! That could take some time considering the mixing bowl of musicians we have. Our lead singer, Greg Rath was the last to join us six months ago and really helped us define our own music as well as give us a great range of cover songs we could play, as his range is incredible! Adam Lambert, lead and rhythm guitar, was classically trained and studied for many years in college to hone his craft. Scott Hickman, our other rhythm/lead guitarist, studied classic rock and brought his great talent to us, giving the band strong power chords and lead riffs liquid smooth. Alan Falcony on drums and percussion, was born and raised in Ecuador, so his Latin and Salsa influence are always there, but the man is great with any beat and keeps the band on point. As the bass player, I brought to the band much influence from the '80's era, adding stage performance backed up by such great influences as Geddy Lee from Rush, Stuart Hamm and Flea from the Red Hot Chili Peppers.

Does the band's name have any significance?
Adam came up with the band's name after we switched it at least five different times. Prophets of Loss is about recovering and discovering music enjoyed by so many over many years. In other words, nothing is lost as long as there are bands like us that embrace great classic rock and create originals that truly are, original. I believe we actually called ourselves the Peanut Butter Snowfrogs one night... obviously, that did not last. But it said a lot about all of us wanting to be taken as a fun band to come and see. We believe in putting on a great show, with great music. A name for a band is just that until it hit's the charts, baby.

How long has the band been together?
Adam, Alan and I first talked about this while we were all working together at a restaurant. Adam and Alan had been talking about starting a band and I piped in that I played bass. One week later, we were over at my apartment and there was a moment when we all stepped outside after playing for about an hour and just had the same stunned look on our faces. We just knew we had something very special. It's been an amazing ride ever since. All told, we have played together for three years now.

Who founded the band, who is the leader?
No leaders in this band. We all have our strengths and respect them. We look to Alan for the beat, Adam for the changes if needed, Greg for the pipes at the right place, Scott for the incredible sound he pulls from all of us on stage as well as his guitar licks, me for the entertainment! (Also for some cool bass licks;-)

How did you come up with the concept for the band?
We all wanted to play good rock from day one. More so, we wanted to be different than other cover bands and develope into a great original band. We take great pride in our ability to flow in our own original transitions from one song to the next. We may start on a song from Rush, then go into an original jam, then flow right into AC/DC, then back into an jam. We have no barriers on what we do, and the crowd knows this and loves it.

Describe the music you play.
All across the board. Hard rock, alternative, classic, original, fun and energy filled. Nothing is too daring or risky. If we like the song and play it well, we will play it.

What drew you towards the music you play?
I would say a common interest from all of us to play what we play best. I feel very lucky to be in a band that all share the same vision on our music and destination. That is very rare, indeed! Prophets of Loss is going to be all over the boards very, very soon.

Describe your first performances.
Hilarious for one! We were all very serious about how well we play, so the performance level of our music was top-notch. But watching five statues perform music is not exactly entertaining. After the first few gigs we loosened up and hoo boy....We learned to rock a house and keep them coming back for more!

What kind of response do you get from your audiences?
A)Haha... I will put it like this. We are not what can be considered a 'dance band'.. but when you do a show and have folks in their 70's shaking their tails to the Immigrant Song by Led Zeppelin by the performance of the band, as well as those in their 20's, you know you won the crowd over and then some. We all share a common philosophy about our audience. Blow them away!

How many vocalists do you have?
Depends on how many drinks our two guitarist's, Adam and Scott have.. hah! They tend to stay to their instruments, so it is me, Alan the drummer and of course our lead singer, Greg.

Where did you grow up?
I grew up in Brandon, Florida. When asked if I have lived here all my life, my usual response is, "Not yet..."

How early did you start singing / playing?
All of us started early in life. For myself, pretty much when I learned to walk. For my band-mates, it is across the board. But I believe a musician starts when they are born and just come into their own eventually;-)

Was anyone in your youth an inspiration to you?
I saw Rush in concert in '78. Ever since then, the illusion that I could not do that was blown away. When I saw those musicians play, I understood that it was possible I could do the same. I remember seeing Jim Croce on television and was amazed. Time In A Bottle was the first song I learned.

Do you have any musical training?
Very little. But let me be clear. I am 100% in agreement that learning from a teacher is important and saves a lot of time, (and sometimes face) when put to the test. My advice is find a good teacher who responds to your needs as a student and not just to what notes and chords are to be learned.

What is your most memorable experience with music?
The first time I played with Prophets of Loss on stage, and every time after.

What mixture of originals / covers do you perform?
Many! Visit for a complete song list. You may be impressed! *winks*

What is your favorite venue?
Any that offers us a beer tab.. hah

Where is the farthest you have traveled for a gig?
For myself, about 2,300 miles. For our band, about 40.. but willing!

Tell us about the musicians you perform with.
Amazing, talented and encouraging. I have never been prouder to play with the musicians I play with. They are all extremely talented and challenge me, all of us, everyday.

What is the craziest thing that has ever happened at a gig?
The night after last New Years Eve gig. Five hour gig.. yes.. Five... After which we shared one hotel room that was included with the tab and wooped it up like we were the band (Poison/Aerosmith/pick your fav here..haha)....I am amazed we were not kicked out..LOL. Luckily, no furniture was glued to the ceiling or sheets flushed down the toiley. Hard getting older..*grins* But we had a blast and the show was amazing. We were actually asked back in two weeks and that surprised me.. haha!

Have you done any radio or TV performances?
I cannot speak for my band, but I have been on the radio with other bands and on TV many times.

Do you use any props or special effects at your performances?
When someone hits a bad chord we have this neat special effect of drawing attention away from him.. does that count?

Do you use any vintage instruments?
We try to stay fairly updated with the equipment we use, but in respect to bands that travel nation-wide, all of our stuff is vintage..*chuckles*
Had a blast sharing with all of you. If you get a chance, catch one of our shows! I look forward to meeting you and hope we can at some time bring some great rock to your night with a band that is incredible and will give you a night you will remember!